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Lucapa Steams Ahead with Search for Source of Lulo Alluvial Diamonds

March 29, 2020


Lucapa Diamond is steaming ahead with its search for the hard-rock origin of the high-value alluvial diamonds being mined at its 40%-owned Lulo project, in Angola.

Lucapa and its partners, Endiama and Rosas & Petalas, believe they may be able to find the upstream source of the diamonds and mine them directly. 

They commenced a drilling programme in the Canguige catchment area targeting five kimberlite pipes considered prospective to host diamonds, along with two additional priority anomalies.


The Canguige catchment is upstream of the Cacuilo River valley, where Lucapa and its partners have, for several years, been mining some of the world’s highest-value and quality alluvial diamonds.

Lucapa is convinced that there is a high probability that the Canguige catchment is the source of the precious gems. 

A sample taken from the Canguige stream yielded 45 diamonds, which comprised of rare Type IIa gems and top D-colours as well as a light fancy yellow.

These diamond recoveries confirmed the Canguige catchment area contains at least one diamond-bearing kimberlite pipe contributing to the alluvial diamonds eroded downstream into the Cacuilo River valley.


Image credit: Lucapa Diamond


Source: Rough&Polished

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