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Angola to Define New Areas of Diamond Mining Concessions

February 5, 2020


Angola is planning to define new areas of diamond mining concessions, according to a paper issued by the country’s ministry of minerals resources.

The paper, Angola’s Diamond Potential, seen by Rough & Polished at the ongoing Mining Indaba in Cape Town, South Africa states that Angola is targeting prospecting work to rise from the current 200 to about 350. 


However, it wasn’t stated when this target should be achieved.

The paper also noted that 12 diamond producing companies will be the main responsible for the increase in the country’s production.

“To achieve the expected goals, several projects are undergoing restructuring and new investments,” reads the paper.

It noted that the main projects include Luo, Camutue, Calonda and Luarica.

Meanwhile, Angola said it will continue with its fight against illicit diamond trade and illegal immigration in the diamond exploration areas.

“[We will also have an] improvement of the control of the activity of diamond exploration’s cooperatives.”

Angola produced 9.086 million carats in 2019 from industrial operations, a drop of 4.8% when compared to the previous year due to the closure of a diamond mine. 

However, the annual output was 9.121 million carats with semi-industrial production.
It is expected to lift its diamond output to 13.8 million carats in 2022.


Image credit: Pixabay


Source: Rough&Polished

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