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Marking Will Help Protect the Demand for Natural Stones - the Head of Yakutia

January 2, 2020


Natural diamond marking is needed to protect the demand for the natural product. This was said in an interview with TASS by the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev.

In his opinion, natural stones should be marked in order to show that each stone is unique. 

“If natural diamonds are marked, it will be possible to understand that these diamonds are mined in Yakutia under certain conditions - of course, it will be much more appreciated.


This will allow us to present an absolutely original, our own product, and its naturalness will not be questioned,” he said.

Nikolaev added that diamond marking initiative should be worked out “with the largest geological and mineralogical [scientific] centers”.

He also said that ALROSA, which is conducting diamond mining operations in Yakutia, is currently preparing a proposal for marking diamonds for submission to the supervisory board.
Earlier it was reported that Yuri Trutnev, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District urged ALROSA to engage in the production of synthetic diamonds under the condition of marking them.

However, according to Aisen Nikolaev, it is necessary to label natural stones in order to emphasize their value.

The Ministry of Finance also recently put forward a proposal for mandatory marking of jewelry, precious metals and precious stones to create greater transparency in the industry.


Image credit: ALROSA


Source: Rough&Polished


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