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Botswana Diamonds Identifies Kimberlite Pipe Potential at Thorny River

September 4, 2019

Botswana Diamonds has identified kimberlite pipes buried at shallow depth on Thorny River ground, in South Africa. 

It said in a statement that much of the Thorny River area geology is comprised of a dolerite dyke swarm. 

Conventional geophysical techniques have been unable to detect kimberlites under the dolerite including those that are deeper seated. 

However, Botswana Diamonds said Subterrane, a partner using its proprietary technology, enables the company to explore geophysical anomalies beneath the dolerite and those that are buried.  

Subterrane has since identified five target areas within the Thorny River project.   

This, it said, could lead to the discovery of kimberlites similar to the now defunct Marsfontein mine, which was owned by De Beers. 

"It has long been held that there should be high grade kimberlite pipes other than the Marsfontein mine in the Thorny River area,” said company chairperson John Teeling. 

“The geology made discovery difficult. New geophysical technology tries to see through the dense dolerite cover.” 

He said they were working to better define where to drill and the targets are shallow, which makes it not expensive to drill. 


Source: Rough&Polished

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