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Tango Sells 19.87 Carat Diamond for $4,358/ct

July 24, 2019


Tango Mining has sold a 19.87 carat diamond recovered at its Oena mine, in South Africa for $4,358 per carat.

It also sold a 49.6 carat diamond for $2,561 per carat and a 24.97 carat diamond for $1,101 per carat.

The diamonds were part of the 531.82 carats recovered at the mine between 9 May and 7 July.
These stones were sold at an average price of $1,382 per carat. 

“Tango is extremely pleased with the performance of the mining contractors on site who have continually increased and improved diamond production at Oena over the past year,” it said.

Meanwhile, Tango said its contract miner, Bluedust, produced 206 diamonds totalling 407.76 carats between 9 May and 6 July, which were placed on tender or sold to the State Diamond Trader, in South Africa.

The average price received was $1,264 per carat.

This included an 18.2 carat diamond that was sold for $2,850 per carat and a 19.87 carat stone sold at $4,358 per carat, it said. 

Image credit: Tango Mining


Source: Rough&Polished

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