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Macau Soon to be KP Compliant

May 13, 2019


The Second Standing Committee of Macau's Legislative Assembly has begun discussing the proposed law for the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) to come in effect in the city as of October of this year.


To make the October deadline, the KPCS law will need to be ratified by the Legislative Assembly before August 15, before it adjourns for a long recess, the president of the Committee, Chan Chak Mo said.


Chan Chak Mo reported that the first discussion went well and that government representatives would be invited to the next meeting to clarify details of and questions about the draft.


During the discussions in the Legislative Assembly legislators did not challenge the bill, which led Committee Chairman Chan to expect that the draft could be signed shortly after the meeting with the government.


Source: Idex

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