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AGD Diamonds Recovered a 66.95 Carat Diamond and Named It After Anatoly Stankovsky

March 5, 2019


AGD Diamonds said that it had unearthed a gem quality diamond weighing 66.95 ct at the Grib diamond deposit and named it after Anatoly Stankovsky.  

The large diamond was recovered on February 7, 2019 and is the fourth company’s stone named after a remarkable Russian character.  


AGD Diamonds decided to assign names to unique diamonds in order to commemorate the fact of their recovery and honour the memory of outstanding people of Russia. 

Anatoly Stankovsky made a huge contribution to the development of the diamond industry in Russia. He is the discoverer of the M. Lomonosov diamond deposit, holder of the Prize "Achiever in mineral prospecting", winner of the USSR State Prize "For the discovery and preparation for the development of new mineral deposits", an honorary citizen of the Primorsky district of the Arkhangelsk Province, the author of a number of monographs and books on diamonds, geology, and other geographical topics. 

AGD Diamonds is developing the V. Grib diamond deposit in the Arkhangelsk Province.


In February 2017, the company recovered a diamond weighing 181.68 carats, named “Archangel Michael”, and in June 2018, the company produced a diamond weighing 57.03 carats, which was named after the pioneering geologist Nikolai Koltsov. Later in 2018, AGD mined a stone weighing 56.35 carats, which received the name "Vitaly Fortygin" in honour of one of the country's outstanding geologists. 


Image credit: AGD Diamonds


Source: Rough&Polished

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