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1.5ct. Synthetic Diamond Sells for $32

November 29, 2018


Cards Against Humanity, famed for its politically incorrect party games, sold a lab-grown-diamond engagement ring for 99% off on Black Friday — but insisted it wasn’t about to make a splash in the synthetics sector.

The 1.5-carat stone from Brilliant Earth went for $32.15 on a special satirical e-commerce platform Cards Against Humanity set up for the national shopping day. It offered just the one ring at a discount from the original price of $3,215, and sold it by 7.40 p.m., according to the website. 

“We don’t typically sell diamonds,” Jane Benn, community manager at Cards Against Humanity, told Rapaport News Tuesday, confirming it had sold the ring. “This was just for our Black Friday promotion. We like to make a spectacle out of ourselves and hope people enjoy it.” 

The Chicago-based company, which describes its flagship product as a “party game for horrible people,” did not tell Brilliant Earth it was doing the deal “because we didn’t want them to be mad at us,” Benn continued. The retail site encouraged customers to “propose in public” and “make a whole scene,” and noted that as 50% of marriages end in divorce, it was offering free returns. 

“If anyone from Brilliant Earth is reading this article, you should know that I am friends with lots of single women aged 23 to 38 and I will continue to advertise on your behalf,” Benn added. 

Cards Against Humanity also sold an original Picasso lithograph worth $6,000 for $60, discounted a $3,499 television to $34.99, and asked for $97.50 for a Ford Fiesta car it valued at $9,750. 

“While we did not participate in or know about the promotion in advance, we appreciate the humorous spirit in which it was intended,” said Kathryn Edison Money, Brilliant Earth’s vice president for strategy and merchandising. “We would like to add that it was a very good joke.”

Image: The lab-grown diamond Cards Against Humanity offered for 99% off. (Cards Against Humanity)


Source: Rapaport

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