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GIA to Name Branded Cuts on Grading Reports

June 10, 2018


The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has introduced branded-cut names on grading reports. 

Proprietary-cut names will now appear alongside the diamond’s shape and a description of its cutting style when the lab returns stones with their grading reports, it said. 

The program will be available to members of the trade or public who submit stones directly to the GIA for grading or other laboratory services. The GIA believes the program will help build consumer trust in the industry. 

“By including the name of proprietary, branded cuts as part of the shape and cutting description, GIA is providing additional information to clients and reinforcing its mission of protecting consumers and ensuring their trust in the gem and jewelry industry,” the grading lab told Rapaport News. 

To gain a grading report with a branded-cut name, participants must first submit documentation supporting the cut and the ownership claim, as well as the diamond-facet arrangement. The GIA will then review the documentation, and, if the institute approves it, clients can submit their stones.


Source: Rapaport

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