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Experts and Scientists Discuss Ways to Resume Production at the Mir Deposit

April 30, 2018

On the initiative of ALROSA the All Russia Conference on “Experience and Practical Steps to Resume a Mining Company Production after an Accident” was held on April 25-26, 2018. More than 130 leading scientists, specialists and mining engineers gathered to discuss possible ways to resume production at the Mir pipe, where an accident occurred in August last year.

On behalf of ALROSA Chief Engineer Andrey Tcherepanov presented a report at the conference. He explained the situation at the flooded mine and noted that the company already took the rehabilitation measures last year. According to him, the primary task was to stop the inflow from the career to the underground of the mine, thus letting the reconstruction works to begin.

The rehabilitation of underground mining is possible by means of two ways. The first suggests the reconstruction of existing shafts and blind drilling to the depth of -1250 meters from -615 meters. The second way is the development of the deposit with a new mine on a full depth. 

“The variants provided by our company are not final or indisputable. They demand the appropriate modelling, Additional detailed study and estimations. The participants of the conference commented on the work and gave their recommendations, they will certainly be helpful in the development of the project,” said Andrey Tcherepanov. 

The participants of the conference concluded that operational and hydrogeological conditions at the Mir deposit are very difficult and they don’t have any analogue in the global practice of the mine development. It was advised that ALROSA should carry out several geological and hydrogeological surveys on the base of which the company should be provided with the numerical modelling of the suggested variants of the evacuation of water and protection of the mine. 


Source: Rough&Polished

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