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Sierra Leone to Get New Diamond Cutting Firm

February 1, 2016

Sierra Leone is set to get a new diamond cutting and polishing firm, over a decade and a half since the last one went out of service, sources said Friday.According to sources, this development was made possible after last week’s visit by a large business delegation from Belgium.


The visit was part of an investment-seeking programme championed jointly by the Dutch government and Brussels Airlines.


Dozens of Dutch investors accompanied by the Dutch Trade minister attended a round table conference and then visited potential investment sites in the country.


The diamond sector was one of the most attractive to the visitors. Belgium is known as the world’s diamond market. And in the past most of Sierra Leone’s precious stones found their way there.


Various factors, notably the civil war, led to an interruption of the diamond flow from Freetown.


A key factor in exporting diamond is having it properly cut and polished. Presently Sierra Leone diamonds are taken to neighboring countries like Guinea and Liberia for such purpose before being flown out.


Officials say creating an office for that at home will have the added advantage of job creation.


Source: Star Africa

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