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United States Kimberley Process Authority Appoints IGI’s Jerry Ehrenwald to Board

December 19, 2016

The United States Kimberley Process Authority (USKPA), the not-for-profit organization that administers the use of Kimberley Process certificates for exports of rough diamonds from the U.S., announced that International Gemological Institute (IGI) President and CEO Jerry Ehrenwald has been elected to its Board of Directors. 


“We look forward to working with Mr. Ehrenwald and the IGI staff to fulfill this meaningful mission for the U.S. rough diamond industry,” said Dr. Martin Hochbaum, executive director and member of the USKPA Board. “IGI is an important and supportive organization with decades of service to the diamond industry. We are privileged to welcome Mr. Ehrenwald to our board.” 


In additional organization news, Cecilia Gardner will continue to serve as board member and general counsel. 


A 50-year industry veteran, Ehrenwald stated, “I am pleased to be appointed to the USKPA board and look forward to the opportunity to help enhance the KP Process as well as support the vital message that KP certification means to the diamond industry – from the mine to the ultimate consumer.”


Ehrenwald will replace Gemological Science International Founder and CEO Mark Gershburg who last week announced he was stepping down as a USKPA director.


Furthering IGI’s commitment to the organization, commencing on December 19, 2016, the services of the USKPA will operate out of the IGI facilities, located at 551 Fifth Avenue, 7th floor, New York.


Source: Idex

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