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ALROSA 2015 Diamond Production Totals 38 Million Carats

January 29, 2016



Russian-miner ALROSA has announced preliminary figures for its 2015 output, showing that production reached 38.3 million carats – a 6-percent year-on-year increase.


The company said that the increase from the 36.2 million carats produce in 2014 was due to several factors. These included the development of the Udachny underground mine, the stablilizing of hydrogeological conditions at the Mir underground mine allowing increased production, diamond output growth at Karpinskogo-1 pipe of Lomonosov deposit and the launch of the Batuobinskaya, which started ore mining in March.


ALROSA’s results indicate that the company sold 30 million carats of diamonds in 2015, with revenue from rough diamond sales expected to total approximately $3.4 billion.


In the fourth quarter alone, ALROSA sold 7.1 million carats of diamonds, 4.1 million of those being gem-quality and at an average price of $166 per carat.


Source: Idex

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