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Gem International: Initial Work Starts At Dala Project in Angola

August 28, 2016

Gem International Resources Inc. reports that its operating partner Global Gems International (GGI) has started the initial work program to begin evaluation and production of diamonds from high priority areas highlighted as favorable for hosting alluvial diamond deposits on the 3,000 sq. km. Dala alluvial mining license in Lunda Sul Province, Angola.


Dala is located in the heart of a highly prospective and productive diamond region of Angola, only 25 kilometers south of the world-class Catoca diamond mine, the world's fourth largest, and immediately adjacent to the regional centre of Saurimo.


Dala is an early stage project with excellent potential for the discovery of both alluvial and kimberlite deposits. Two of the area's most productive alluvial diamond hosting rivers, Luachimo and Tchicapa flow northward through the license with over 100 km of combined drainage length, and there are numerous areas of currently active artisanal diamond production along these drainages and their tributaries.


Gem International and GGI have started the initial field and technical programs to prioritize startup areas for alluvial gravel testing. This includes establishment of a camp logistics base in Saurimo, as well as procurement of mining, diamond production and infrastructure equipment.


"Over 30 high priority areas have been identified where there are classic trap sites in active drainages and accumulations of river gravels preserved in old meanders and terraces.


Observation of the extensive active and historical artisanal work areas by local garimpeiros at Dala indicate that extensive areas of Calonda Formation may be present. The Calonda Formation is a regional basal gravel and sheet wash unit in the Lunda Provinces that is often very diamondiferous and productive," the firm said.


Source: The Diamond Loupe



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