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Temporary Halt to Underground Mining at Lace Mine

July 19, 2016

South African development and exploration company DiamondCorp has announced that it has temporarily suspended mining operations following a South African Department of Minerals Resources (DMR) investigation.


The company said that the incident occurred when explosive misfires were being made safe and resulted in a miner’s assistant suffering contusions and cracked ribs, for which he was hospitalized and put under observation.


Following the incident and resultant findings, there was an instruction that all miner assistants undertake refresher training in the handling and charging of explosives. Once the training is completed and assistants are recertified, DiamondCorp will apply to the DMR to resume underground mining operations. The Lace plant will continue to process tailings.


The company said that there would be no material financial impact, but that it would not meet its 30,000 ton ore target, with management aiming to make up the July shortfall by September.


Source: Idex

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