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Botswana Diamonds to Commence PL186 Drilling Program

May 10, 2016

Botswana Diamonds plc has announced that it will shortly commence a large diameter drilling program on PL186, which is part of the Maibwe (Brightstone) block of licenses in Botswana’s Gope region.


Botswana Diamonds holds a 15-percent stake in Maibwe Diamonds, which is a privately held company controlled by Botswana’s state-owned copper and nickel producer BCL.


A number of diamondiferous kimberlites were found on PL186 following drilling in 2015, and the large diameter drilling program will undertake macro diamond evaluation. It will aim to confirm the 2015 results and gain a clearer understanding of the grade and size frequency distribution of diamonds.


“We now know there are diamonds on PL 186,” said Botswana Diamonds chairman John Teeling. “The upcoming drilling is to establish the grade and quality.”


Currently, the only diamond-producing mine in Gope is Gem Diamonds’ Ghaghoo mine.


Source: Idex

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