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Dominion’s Diavik Mine Production +26%‎

April 19, 2016

Dominion Diamond Corporation has announced that it increased diamond production in the first quarter of 2016 by 26 percent – 1.88 million carats compared to 1.5 million carats over the same period a year previously.


The company said that the increase reflected higher processing volumes, which rose 17 percent over the same period a year previously (560,000 carats compared to 480,000 carats) and a higher recovered grade.


The development of Dominion’s A-21 pipe continues to progress according to plan. At the Diavik Diamond Mine, the company expects to produce around 7 million carats, which will be sourced exclusively underground. The company modeled an approximate rough diamond price per carat, the highest of which is $175 per carat, from the A-154 North kimberlite.


Source: Idex

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