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Botswana Diamonds, ALROSA Launch 2016 Exploration Program

March 3, 2016

Botswana Diamonds and ALROSA will commence in March their joint exploration program in Botswana. 

A budget of $700,000 has been allocated for the project, which will be split equally between the partners, while the program will be managed by ALROSA, Botswana Diamonds said in a March 2 statement.

Highlights of the program include drilling wide diameter holes at a known kimberlite at the companies’ new PL 260 license in the Orapa area to test if diamond grades improve at depth, explained John Teeling, chairman of Botswana Diamonds. 

Additional work will investigate local geophysical anomalies which could indicate the presence of kimberlites at the PL 210 license in Orapa. Anomalies have already been found at three out of the joint-venture’s four licenses in the Gope area, and the proposed work will identify drill targets. 


Source: Rapaport

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