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February 25, 2016

Kennady Diamonds Inc. (Kennady) reports that the bulk sampling of the Kelvin North Lobe of the Kennady North Project, located in Canada's Northwest Territories, has commenced. The company plans to process approximately 500 tonnes of kimberlite, from which it expects to recover diamonds weighing more than 1,000 carats. The diamond parcel will be used for revenue modeling of the Kelvin North Lobe, says Kennady.


One 0.5mm high quality octahedral diamond has been identified from 34 tonnes of kimberlite which have reportedly been recovered from the site so far.


The company also reported further results from the Faraday 1 winter drill program.


Kennady's CEOPatrick Evans commented: "We were very encouraged by the 60 meter kimberlite intersect in the first series of holes and stepped out 40 meters to the northwest. While kimberlite has been intersected in the latest holes, the relatively narrow widths indicate that the side of the pipe was intersected at depth. In order to confirm the direction of emplacement the drill has been moved back 20 meters to the southeast to drill a series of infill holes."


Source: Diamond Intelligence

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