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Secret Road Show Seeking Buyer For World’s Second Largest Diamond

February 13, 2016


The world’s second largest diamond — the largest to be unearthed in over a century — is setting out on a secret road show to find a buyer, reports Reuters. The stone was named Lesedi La Rona — “Our Light” in the Setswana language.


The stone was mined by the Lucara Diamond Corporation from its Karowe mine in Botswana last November.


Lucara chief executive William Lamb said the road show was to display the tennis-ball-sized diamond to any potential buyer including ultra-high-net-worth individuals who might be interested in its value as a collector’s item.


Lamb was speaking on the sidelines of the Mining Indaba conference in Cape Town, South Africa.


Lamb said that due to security considerations, the road show itinerary was secret. “The biggest challenge on the road show is that the weight to value ratio of the stone makes it potentially the highest-value item on the planet,” he said. This meant that Lucara wasn’t announcing where it was being taken, he added, noting, “We are not going to put any of that information out because want to protect our asset.”


The diamond’s name was picked from a competition open to the citizens of Botswana.


Source: GemKonnect

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